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Project Driveway Pulls Out Slowly

General Motor’s Project Driveway is making some progress as six drivers have already been selected to drive one of over 100 Chevy Equinox fuel cell vehicles starting next January. With crude oil prices nearing $100 per barrel and gasoline prices expected to rise, GM is betting the farm on hydrogen.

Drivers in the Los Angeles and Orange County, California areas those in New York and Washington D. C. have been chosen to help GM test the viability of its fuel cell vehicles. Drivers typically will be loaned the vehicles for three months, with GM paying for the hydrogen fuel and insurance.

But, not everyone picked in California may live 10 miles from a hydrogen fueling station. So, according to the Clean Tech Blog, “To accelerate the presence of higher pressure stations with public access, GM is spending millions to establish nine temporary 700 bar stations from Burbank to San Diego.”

General Motors is also taking a swing at the critics of hydrogen autos by publishing a top 10 list about the needed hydrogen fueling infrastructure. One of the first six drivers of the fuel cell Equinox, Davi Kutz, has also given an interview talking about his background and anticipation at being one of the first drivers.

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