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Microcab H2EV Launched in the UK


Coventry University spin-off based in the United Kingdom, Microcab has developed a new hydrogen auto called the H2EV. The chassis of the H2EV was created among Microcab, Delta motorsport and Lotus.

In April 2011, I had talked about the Microcabs being developed by the University of Coventry in detail. Last week I had talked about how the United Kingdom had opened its first public hydrogen fueling station along the emerging UK hydrogen highway system.

The H2EV is a four seat microauto with a 3 Kw fuel cell that can run for 120 miles before it needs refueling. A fleet of H2EVs are supposed to participate in a trial by the West Midlands’ Coventry and Birmingham Low Emission Demonstrator (CALEB).

A couple of the safety features of the H2EV are the onboard hydrogen leak detectors and its gunfire resistant fuel tank. Since there are zero emissions the H2EV can be used indoors or outdoors.

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