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London Fuel Cell Black Cab Is Unveiled

Yesterday I talked about how ITM Power was putting up a hydrogen fueling station at the Stansted Airport in London in 2011. And, in February 2010 I had talked about how the London fuel cell black taxi cabs were coming to London for the 2012 Olympics.

Well now one of those hydrogen hybrid black taxis has arrived for its unveiling. As one can see the London Black Taxi FCV keeps its iconic colors and style but it is whisper quiet with its Intelligent Energy fuel cell inside.

The taxi is able to speed up to an 80 mph maximum and will need to be refueled only once a day as the auto has a range of over 250 miles. The taxi, which also autories lithium ion batteries for more power, can also be refueled with compressed hydrogen fuel in only 5 minutes.

According to CEO of Intelligent Energy Dr. Henri Winand, “The Fuel Cell Black Cab is a hackney-autoriage fit for the 21st Century and its ever larger urban centers, where the reclamation of good air quality matters hugely to all of us. The LTI TX4 is an internationally recognized and iconic symbol of London, and to put an entirely new fuel cell hybrid electric zero emissions ‘engine’ into the existing vehicle design in such a short amount of time and still deliver performance, refueling speeds and range, is a fantastic achievement for all the companies involved. We now look towards the introduction of the first fleet of these vehicles into London for 2012. The launch today at City Hall demonstrates that we are well on course to achieving this goal.”

For more details and specifications about the Fuel Cell Black Cab in London there is a PDF file attached to the link that will explain more than I am able to in the space of this blog. I also asked one of the representatives for Intelligent Energy whether or not the Intelligent Energy Burgman Fuel Cell Scooter would be ready in time for the 2012 Olympics in London and he said the scooter was still in testing and would not be available.

No matter, as the Fuel Cell Black Cab will be an inspiring avenue in which to showcase the zero emissions power of hydrogen vehicles before a worldwide audience.

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Hydro Kevin Kantola
I'm a hydrogen auto blogger, editor and publisher interested in documenting the history and the progression of hydrogen autos, vehicles and infrastructure worldwide.

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    The BBC, CNN, internet media and many other agencies have recently reported that Intelligent Energy and Lotus are developing “the first hydrogen-powered London cab” for the 2012 Olympic Games.

    This is incorrect, as there were three (3) fuel cell powered London taxis prior to the Lotus-Intelligent Energy prototype.

    First London fuel cell taxi developed in 1998.
    Second in 1999.
    Third in 2000.
    Fourth in 2010.

    The first London taxi to be powered by fuel cells was the ZeTek (ZevCo) Carbodies taxi, exhibited at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in 1998.

    This vehicle was named the “Millennium Taxi” and inaugurated by Mrs. Barbara Bacon, the wife of the late Francis T. Bacon, the English engineer and inventor of the fuel cell used on the Apollo missions.

    A second taxi was built in 1999 and featured on CNN, BBC and the seven principle US news networks. It toured Europe and the US, where amongst its other engagements, it was driven in the New York Sheraton Hotel Ballroom by London’s Taxi Driver of the Year and Judd Hirsch, star of the US television show “Taxi”.

    Once back in the UK this vehicle was stolen, the theft reported to the authorities, a record made and an investigation undertaken. However, much to everyone’s surprise, it was revealed that Camden Borough Council had removed the Taxi from a private auto park, towed it away and crushed it, without any notification, justification or apology.

    A third fuel cell taxi was built in 2000 using a Metrocab body and was featured at Hannover Messe, the European Fuel Cell Forum and the Seventh Grove Fuel Cell Symposium in the UK. This vehicle is currently being refurbished.

    Unfortunately, ZeTek Power Plc, the company who developed these vehicles (and other fuel cell applications), collapsed as a result of the market fallout after the September 11th, 2001 WTC tragedy.

    Please correct any misrepresentations you may have published.

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