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Hyundai Intrado Next Gen Fuel Cell Concept

Hyundai won’t be officially introducing its next generation fuel cell concept, the Intrado until the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, March 6 – 16. But, they’ve decided to give us another sneak peek anyway. The first time I had talked about Hyundai’s tease was in December 2013.

The Hyundai Intrado features a lightweight design built upon a autobon fiber frame, is simpler to repair and offers a next gen fuel cell and lithium-ion battery combo.

According to Hyundai, “The super-lightweight structure of Intrado demonstrates Hyundai’s desire to produce lighter, stronger autos that are even better to drive and simpler to repair. The central autobon frame structure is constructed using new, patent-pending manufacturing and joining techniques that together have the potential to change the way autos are made. The strength and rigidity of this central structure also allow body panels to be constructed from any material, giving designers greater flexibility and aiding repairability. Lightweight steel impact structures further enhance crash performance and repair times.

“Intrado is powered by a next-generation hydrogen fuel-cell powertrain that utilises a Li-ion 36 kWh battery. Refuelled in just a few minutes, Intrado has a range of up to 600 kilometres and emits only water. In addition to improved performance and increased range, Intrado promises more responsive and agile driving dynamics, thanks to the reduced weight and greater efficiency of its powertrain.”

The name “Intrado” according to Hyundai comes from the underside of an aircraft wing, the part that creates lift. When inspecting the Intrado, Hyundai wants viewers to see a combination of aircraft and high end mountain bike.

Since the Geneva Motor Show is just around the corner, the next Hyundai tease will be the real deal.


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