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Hyundai Blue2 FCEV Unveiled For Future Drivers

Hyundai Blue2The Hyundai Blue2 fuel cell electric vehicle was unveiled for future drivers recently at the Seoul Motor Show in South Korea. The concept vehicle uses a 90 Kw fuel cell to deliver not only significant power but an 82 mpge fuel efficiency rating.

The Hyundai Blue2 is a significant upgrade from their current lineup including the Hyundai I-Blue and the Hyundai Tucson Hybrid FCEV. The Blue2 is the Korean automakers first sedan size fuel cell vehicle which gives one an indication that they are getting serious about rolling out hydrogen powered autos before the 2015 deadlines that the other major automakers have set.

In fact in August 2010, Hyundai stated quite clearly that they would be rolling out 500 fuel cell vehicles in 2012, so the Blue2 may only be a concept vehicle for now, but this could also be either the precursor to or the actual vehicle that rolls out next year.

Now, 500 vehicles may not seem like a significant amount. But it’s a start. And besides Daimler and Honda leasing a couple hundred FCV’s, no other auto company has let you buy a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle yet.

The Hyundai Blue2 has several other features that I won’t mention here because I’ve mentioned a full review elsewhere. So follow the link I’ve just provided and find out the full details of Hyundai’s newest FCV, the Blue2.

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  1. I’m waiting for the day when I will be able to buy one!

  2. Are hydrogen fuel cells that trend today? If so, then It’ll be a great alternative for gas fuels and can solve energy crisis in some countries. By the way, this is a very outstanding auto, wish I knew more about the specs.

  3. The Hyundai Blue2 looks very good .Actually concept autos on display are always awesome.I think Hyundai should use this design and shape for its future sedans

  4. I can’t wait to see this auto in the showrooms! Come thick or thin…I’m buying a few of them!


  6. admin

    I don’t know if this vehicle will be for sale. All of the major automakers say they will have a fuel cell vehicle for sale by 2015.

  7. Build a good plain inexpence Hygrogen auto for the working class people. They will sell like the old Model A Ford. Everyone will buy one. Can’t wait.

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