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Honda FCX Leases in Japan and Charity for Children

FCX ClarityWhen I was at the Los Angeles Auto Show last week I asked the Honda reps when the FCX Clarity was once again going to be heavily promoted since there has been somewhat of a publicity vacuum since they announced back in July that actress Jamie Lee Curtis was leasing one. The answer was “soon, very soon”.

This week, I got my wish as Honda has made two new announcements regarding their latest hydrogen fuel cell auto. The first event to be announced was the FCX Clarity Experience Opening for children.

This event allowed kids to learn about, ride in a touch the fuel cell vehicle. They were also encouraged to let their imaginations run wild about the type of hydrogen vehicle they would most likely have for their first autos.

Honda also announced that it will begin leasing the FCX Clarity in Japan. The first customer is the Ministry of the Environment and Honda says it will only currently lease this FCV to government agencies and a few corporate customers as well.

It’s good to see Honda getting back in the saddle and heavily promoting it FCX Clarity vehicle. GM and BMW shouldn’t be the only big players to be grabbing the hydrogen auto headlines. Now, if Honda could just emulate what General Motors has done as far as getting their auto into the hands of lots of “regular” people, this will keep people talking at the dinner table about this important subject.

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