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Honda FC Sport Concept Causes Stir at L A Auto Show

Honda FC SportBefore I leave for the Los Angeles International Auto Show this morning, I wanted to talk about a hydrogen fuel cell auto that is already causing quite a stir. First reports have it that the Honda FC Sport Concept has been unveiled.

Before you and I get too excited, the Honda FC Sport concept auto is being billed as a “design study,” which basically means the automaker slapped a hot new body and interior configuration upon a Honda FCX Clarity to wow people at the show. The Honda FC Sport has the same V flow hydrogen fuel cell configuration as the FCX Clarity.

Unlike the Clarity, however, the Honda FC Sport is a three-seater with the driver in the middle and each passenger slightly offset to the rear. Behind the passenger seats are the fuel cell and just in front of the rear axel is the electric motor.

Seen from the rear windows are the hydrogen tanks that fuel this . Honda’s design center in Pasadena, California is responsible for coming up with this cutting edge concept.

But, one has to wonder, with the Big 3 U. S. automakers teetering on going down in flames are the other automakers going to be offering us more of the same? Slapping a hot new body on a fuel cell auto may give many a “wow” factor at the auto show. But, the odds are 90 to 1 the Honda FC Sport as is will never see the light of the showroom floor.

In a couple of hours I will be at the auto show checking it over for myself, firsthand. My wish for Honda is that instead of slapping a fancy new body over a Clarity, that they actually promote the Clarity as is and put it in the hands of celebrities and consumers as quickly and enthusiastically as possible. All has been way too quiet since their big summer celebrity rollout.

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