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Giugiaro Vadho Concept Debuts at 2007 Geneva Motor Show

The Giugiaro Vadho concept, a hydrogen fuel cell auto that is in the design stages only, will debut at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show. Though just a computer rendition of a hydrogen auto, the Giugiaro Vadho, conceptualized in Turin, Italy, shows off the design capabilities and flexibility possible when one removes a typical internal combustion engine and powertrain from a vehicle and replaces it with hydrogen technology.

The Italdesign Giugiaro Vadho is a tandem two-seat vehicle said to be inspired by the aeronautics industry in its aerodynamic design. The driver in the closed cockpit on the left side will use two joysticks and drive-by-wire technology to pilot the concept vehicle. On the right side of the vehicle is the hydrogen fuel cell powertrain. The driver side and hydrogen side can also be easily switched depending upon for which country the vehicle was meant.

From a shroud to a hydrogen concept auto, Turin, Italy pays tribute to both old an new. The Giugiaro Vadho is an exciting new concept that shows off the possibilities of future auto design wrapped around flexibly positioned hydrogen technology.

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