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European Hydrogen Road Tour Starts in September 2012

There were already a couple of U. S. hydrogen road tours on the West Coast in 2008 and 2009. And, though it wasn’t given the name of hydrogen road tour, several hydrogen autos around May 01, 2012 drove from Oslo, Norway to Monte Carlo, Monaco using primarily the existing hydrogen infrastructure.

Well, now the official European Hydrogen Road Tour is going to kick off in late September and moving into October 2012. The event is being put on by H2Moves Scandinavia and will showcase hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and the current infrastructure (as well as the infrastructure that is needed).

According to , “The European Hydrogen Road Tour is probably the largest FCEV demo event in 2012 with European and international visibility.

“We will drive through Europe with up to 10 FCEV, and arrange a number of events along the route, which are linked to strong existing events in five regions, said Martin Svensson, project manager of the tour.

“The tour will visit Hamburg, Hannover, Bolzano, Paris, Cardiff, Bristol, London and Copenhagen. Refueling will take place at permanent hydrogen refueling stations and at the H2moves mobile refueling station. The concept includes seminars and ride and drive events for decision makers and public, PR and communication activities.
“Our ambition is to gain customer acceptance so that the autos you can see here today can be seen everywhere tomorrow, Marin Svensson said as a conclusion.”

So, there you have it. The European Hydrogen Road Tour is getting a move on real soon. From demonstration in 2012 to commercialization in 2015 – what an exciting time these next 3 years will be.

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