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300 MPG Riversimple Hyrban to Be Piloted in Herefordshire and Shropshire UK


The last time I had talked about the Riversimple Hyrban fuel cell city auto it was in June of 2010. At that time the news was that the Riversimple FCV would be piloted in Leicester, UK. Leicester is also the site where up to 5,000 Hyrban autos are expected to be built.

As an update to the Riversimple saga, 30 Hyrban vehicles will be piloted in the neighboring counties of Herefordshire and Shropshire in the United Kingdom. According to , “Two neighbouring English counties have signed a ground-breaking deal that will see 30 highly efficient hydrogen fuel-cell powered autos test-driven on their roads and streets in 2012/13 in a year-long pilot scheme. Riversimple, the Ludlow based sustainable auto company, has made an agreement with Shropshire and Herefordshire that will see them cooperate in finding both private citizens and organisations to test drive the vehicles and locate and staff suitable refueling points.

“The counties are the second testing ground to be announced by Riversimple, the other being the city of Leicester. And it is hoped that if the trials are successful then the autos could eventually be made in the area.”

The two-seat Riversimple Hyrban weighs in at only 350kg and can achieve an incredible 300 miles per gallon equivalent. The only downside is that the top speed for this vehicle is around 50 mph making this a city auto not suitable for highway travel (at least if it were to be brought over to the U. S.).

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