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Residential Fuel Cells for Hurricane Season

In the past few years, many of the residents of the Gulf Coast have been rocked by hurricanes, hunkering down in their homes as they lose power from the grid, sometime for days. Now that we’re heading into the full swing of another hurricane season, some residents are turning to hydrogen fuel cells for off-grid power that won’t get knocked out of commission.

Hydra Fuel Cell Corporation, a subsidiary of American Security Resources Corporation (ARSC) has announced the sale of an 8 kw HydraStax residential fuel cell system to a Texas Gulf Coast resident. ARSC sees this as the beginning of a wide open market for home fuel cells as residents will be buying the units for primary power, backup power and for emergency use.

Imagine now a town on the Gulf Coast totally blacked out because of a passing hurricane, except for the lights of a few homes shining brightly because of their residential hydrogen fuel cells. This would play pretty well on CNN.

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