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Poop Powered Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Michigan Homes

There have many potty jokes over the years about powering a auto or home’s fuel cells with poop or urine. In fact in June 2009 I wrote this blog post about a auto potentially powered by urine.

Now, instead of number one, researchers in Michigan want to go number 2 when it comes to hydrogen fuel cells. Michael Moore has talked, written and created movies about the decimation of Flint, Michigan after General Motors pulled out.

So, because of an invention by researchers at Kettering University, these same homeowners may be powering their homes with poop. The video explains the process a lot better than I can.

When the poop powered hydrogen fuel cell system is ready for market it is expected to cost around $9,000, last for about 15 years and allow many homeowners to detach from the grid for their electrical needs.

If you currently spend $9,000 or more over 15 years for power then this may pencil out to be quite cost effective for you. If you’re worried about having enough “waste” for the fuel cell system, just throw a few extra parties a year and serve Mexican food and you’ll be all set.

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Hydro Kevin Kantola
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    One can never know for sure what a deserted area looks like

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    hi!This was a really impressive post!
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    I have heard news about powering a auto with water and oil. But I never expect to learn a news about poop and urine that was incredibly disgusting really, but if this disgusting thing can help nature and lessen the cost of the owners well definitely that is a good news and maybe the owners will be willingly stored poops and urine. And $9,000 that can be used in something else.

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