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Mixed Reactant Fuel Cells May Be the Future

Mixed reactant fuel cells may be the future according to Mantra Energy Alternatives Ltd. Two advantages of this type of fuel cell are no expensive platinum will be used and there will be no membranes to foul.

According to CNN, “A version of Mantra’s ‘Mixed-Reactant Fuel Cell’ will be designed specifically for integration into vehicles of various types, with the objective of demonstrating a working prototype later this year.

“According to Mantra’s engineers, the advantage of the MRFC is the fact that it eliminates one of the most costly and failure-prone components of a conventional fuel cell, which is the membrane.

“The mixing of fuel and oxidant also allows for simplifications in reactant delivery and reactor manifolding, reducing the space required for the system. The MRFC was developed at the University of British Columbia for six years with very promising results, but has not yet been integrated into transportation applications.”

Mantra, a Canadian company, sees their invention as a possible ending to the use of expensive Nafion membranes and a move toward using hydrogen-rich liquids for fueling future autos.


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