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Geoffrey Ballard Dies Leaves Legacy

One of the pioneers in the fuel cell industry, Geoffrey Ballard has died. Ballard founded Ballard Power Systems in 1983 as a fuel cell startup willing to usher in the new hydrogen economy.

The Canadian-based company has been instrumental in developing hydrogen fuel cells for autos, larger vehicles, stationary applications such as primary or backup power for homes and businesses.

The fuel cells Ballard has created has been in many of the early prototype hydrogen autos. In 1998 Geoffrey Ballard had to step aside from running his company due to poor heath issues.

In the past Ballard has made controversial statements concerning the production of hydrogen from nuclear means, stream reforming of natural gas and electrolyzing water. Ballard was semi-retired for the past 2 years, spending more time at this home in Maui.

This year Ballard Power Systems had sold its fuel cell division to Daimler AG and Ford Motor Company.

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