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Fuel Cells to Power Denmark’s Emergency Communications

In case of a terrorist attack or other nationwide emergency situation, Denmark wants to be ready with reliable communications. That is why they have turned to the reliability of hydrogen fuel cells to provide such critical power.

A couple of weeks ago I had talked about the EFOY fuel cells powering outlying traffic signals in Germany. These fuel cells only need to be recharged every 50 days compared to 1 to 2 days for the traditional battery operated ones.

In Denmark, Dantherm Power will be providing the security of fuel cells for public safety reasons along the SINE network. Over 450 sites spread throughout Denmark will help emergency workers stay in with one another even when the public electrical grin is down.

The fuel cells will be produced by Ballard of Canada, and must remain operational for proprietary period of time after a major power outage. For such a small country Denmark also has 6 hydrogen fueling stations related to the Hydrogen Link Project.

It is this kind of commitment to and national security that will push forward the acceptance of hydrogen fuel cells in the everyday marketplace. Cell phone towers, traffic signals, emergency telecommunications, cameras, laptops and of course autos and other vehicles are all inroads to the hydrogen economy, which is coming on faster than anyone thinks.

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