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France Fuel Cell Businesses Face Off with Japanese Market

The French say “in your face” when it comes to introducing fuel cells to the Japanese market. Last month I had talked about 5 plug-in hybrid fuel cell Renault Kangoo ZE vehicles with Symbio FCell Range-Extenders rolling out in France.

This month, 3 French fuel cell companies, McPhy, PaxiTech and Atawey (which a way?) will be presenting at the 2015 Japanese Fuel Cell Expo.

According to , “Japan clearly shows its determination to become the Fuel Cell technology world leader, including hydrogen autos. Three French industries located in Rhone-Alpes, will be present at the Fuel Cells international exhibition in Tokyo.

“From February 25 to 27, Atawey, McPhy and PaxiTech will show their expertise to the Japanese manufacturers at the Fuel Cell Expo . From isolated sites energy supply to portable energy systems through the production and storage of hydrogen, they offer turnkey solutions. During three days, they will be the ambassadors of the French hydrogen technology in the land of the rising sun.” (and not to be confused with the House of the Rising Sun).

And wait, there’s more. On January 26, 2015, the French opened their 1st hydrogen fueling station in the region of La Manche. The Man of La Manche, Jean-François Le Grand has stated that they won’t be tilting at windmills by using wind power to create renewable hydrogen via Air Liquide to serve the Renault Kangoo ZE FCVs.


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