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Florida Governor Puts Fuel Cells in Mansion

Florida Governor Charlie Crist is getting onboard the hydrogen bandwagon by installing a fuel cell in the in Tallahassee. The 5 kw fuel cell will use natural gas reformed into hydrogen and produce electricity to power lights and appliances around the home.

The governor’s mansion will also have a solar pool heating system that will cut down on autobon emissions by 20-percent. The hydrogen mansion is another step in the Florida Hydrogen Initiative promoted by Congressman Dave Weldon.

Around the Orlando Airport now are several Ford F-450 hydrogen shuttle buses that are autorying passengers and refueling at a local Chevron station. Perhaps, one day in the not too distant future, one of these hydrogen shuttle buses will also be at the governor’s mansion shuttling dignitaries and other visitors, while promoting hydrogen as a growth industry in the Sunshine State.

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