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First Home Fuel Cell Installation in Texas Completed

It’s Halloween and the first completed installation of a home fuel cell installation in Texas has just been announced. This PEM fuel cell does not run on ghost-power, however (Who you gonna call?). But, it does run on hydrogen.

In July of this year, I had talked about the Hydra Fuel Cell Corporation making its first sale to this same customer on the Texas coast in anticipation of hurricane season. Now, that this year’s hurricane season is almost over with, the installation has been completed and the resident can look forward to avoiding blackouts next year.

The HydraStax 500 fuel cell system is a beta test system that runs on hydrogen and the full production system will be delivered in the next 90 days. The production fuel cell system contains an ammonia-to-hydrogen reformer, so that low cost ammonia can be used as fuel to make the device price competitive with electricity from the grid.

Other residential fuel cell installations in North America include one in New Mexico, New Jersey, Arizona, Maine and Washington. There is also a solar-hydrogen residence upon the Grand Cayman Island in the Caribbean being built as we speak.

So, when we speak of hydrogen homes, don’t get spooked. It’s just a little witchcraft coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

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  1. How do we (the public), have access to your fuelcell technology? I am interested in powering my home with such. Thank You RW

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    It’s not actually my fuel cell technology as I sell no products on this website. I publish information and third party ads.

    But, to help you out some, you can start at these two resources for the fuel cells for which you’re looking:

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