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San Diego Teen Inventor to Display Hydrogen Hybrid Engine

Dr. Roger E. Billings started his long and illustrious autoeer in hydrogen, by converting a gasoline-powered lawnmower engine to run on H2. Now, half a century later, 17-year-old San Diego high school student Josh Wesolowski has built a hybrid lawnmower engine that runs on unleaded gasoline, propane, methanol and hydrogen.

The lawnmower engine starts with unleaded gasoline and then can run on one of the other fuels with the flip of a switch. The project started in auto shop at Santana High School where students were involved in discovering how to produce hydrogen and burn it in an engine cleanly.

Wesolowski has been interested in hydrogen energy and combustion since the 6th grade when he learned magnesium could be used to split water. He has also experimented with electrolysis of salt water to create hydrogen as well.

Critics say that hydrogen autos won’t be on our highways and byways for another 50 years. But, with the help of early education and young inventors such as Josh Wesolowski, the hydrogen highway is just a stone’s throw away. Dr. Billings would be proud, I’m sure.

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  1. Respected Sir,

    I have 100cc byke with 8.1 bhp engine. I build my own hydrogen kit with 2 liter mixture of distilled water with 6% potassium hydroxide mix with flat stainless steel electrodes. In that hydroge gas generation is very good. I injected it directly to air supply part of autoburetor exactly before fuel spray.
    Engine dynamo supplys 12 volts 500mA power to kit and gas gets produced while running. Surprising is engine runs very smooth and pickup is slightly increased. And when petrol supply is offed while running engine comes to stop not suddenly but pulls at least around 50meters with hydrogen gas and then stops. but there is no addition in the average milage i get, that is around 60kmpl. Please could you me what is wrong. Thank U.
    Prasad G R. Ph:- 9342329364. Bangalore India. Email:- [email protected]

  2. Education will wake up the public, demand will bring the
    equipment. Producing hydrogen from salt water would mean the major US metro areas can be autobon free.
    When the cost of a hydrogen fuel cell comes down, and it will, the US can be energy independent.
    Hydrogen means the jobs to produce the equipment stay in the US with each item produced lowering the amount of autobon produced. Why has the US public been asleep on the subject ???? other than no education.

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