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Garage Inventor Unveils Hydrogen Electrolysis Automotive Add-On

A garage inventor in Laramie, Wyoming has come up with a small hydrogen electrolysis unit that fits underneath the hood of a auto, which will supplement a gasoline engine with hydrogen gas. According to the Associated Press, inventor Dennis Jarrett says his hydrogen unit can reduce emissions by as much as four times normal and increase gas mileage by double.

So far, Mr. Jarrett has sold the hydrogen electrolysis unit to seven people, including two Laramie residents. The vehicle’s battery powers the electrolysis reaction and only 1.4v is need for the process to occur. He is also talking with the city counsel about selling them a unit that will be tested in the meter reading truck the city owns.

Mr. Jarrett has done much of the research for this gasoline supplemental unit through years of working on his own auto, which he calles the Car Hydro 1. The unit Mr. Jarrett came up with, which is not used on this auto, is similar to a much larger unit sold in the trucking industry by Minnesota-based Gorilla Development LLC.

Dennis Jarrett represents many other garage inventors who see a need in our society and seek to fill it. It is his pioneering spirit and the spirit of others like him that will spur on the advancement in automotive technology from a grassroots level to mainstream hydrogen for everyone.

Others have come before Mr. Jarrett with their pioneering spirit which has spurred the big automakers into taking action. Let’s not forget about Dr. Andy Frank, Felix Kramer and Ron Gremban who were working on plug-in hybrid vehicles in their garages at a time when nobody was interested, especially the big automakers. Fast forward a couple of years and now GM has announced the Chevy Volt will rollout as a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) within a couple years and Toyota is working on a PHEV as well.

Mr. Jarrett has taken a bold first step towards giving small auto owners the gift of hydrogen supplemental power. As public awareness rises and customer demand increases for this technology it is only a matter of time before this kind of add-on unit is noticed by the Big Six in the automotive industry and become optional equipment on many of their standard automobiles.

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  1. I’ve tried to locate the “Dennis Jarrett of Laramie, WY” in this article but cannot. Can anyone help?

    On a broader topic of the Hydrogen Age–the third and final energy age–a few comments.

    There are three main attacks upon the validity of The Hydrogen Economy: price, safety, and infrastructure. First, with the advent of a catalyst (platinum) free fuel cell that is amendable to rapid manufacturing rates, pricing is beginning to fall precipitously. Second, hydrogen can be stored at air temperature in the solid–yes, solid–state in NiMH (nickel-metal hydride), as well as autobon nanotubules (essentially strings of little “soccer balls”) which allows safe transport thru cities. Third, if fossil fuels are considered ubiquitous (local gas stations) then what do we consider every faucet in every household and business to have? Water! H20 for electrolysis to hydrogen!

    And the source of the Hydrogen Age technologies mentioned above? Unbelievably, one man–Stanford Ovshinsky, the name sake of the branch of physics based on the “chaos theory” called ovonics (

    Lastly, it is often heard that the Hydrogen Economy won’t emerge until the fossil fuels are extinct (like the shrews flourishing only after the dinosaurs). However, Ovshinsky has said, “the Stone Age didn’t end because cavemen ran out of stones.” It ended because of better technologies (Copper Age, etc.). The Hydrogen Age is burgeoning NOW! And it is the world’s best bet to control then cure both global warming AND extremist/terrorists fueled by fossil fuel funds.

    Mark Goosmann, MD, FACEP, MBA

  2. What is your take on using small hi pressure hydrogen cylinder and pressure regulator and solinoid switch and flow meter into the air intake for testing purpose.

  3. admin

    I would say safety first as always.

  4. I am a firm believer that hydrogen is the way to recover and propel our spaceship called earth into a new age. I am a business owner in ft worth texas trying to convience brainwashed people that there is a way to save money instantly at the pump and clean the air we breath. and people think that their going to blow up. I try to educate but it is hard to over come big oil.. I have plans for a hydrogen generating and fueling station supplied with electricity supplied by magnets to run the generators and station needs.i am calling out to everyone we have to come together now for so many reasons I cant list them but the most important one is the children who have no choice but to inherit our triumphs or our bad choices . the time is now to take the power of energy and give to everyone to manage and not just the elite few. join me please I need brothers and sisters to join the fight to pull the worlds head out of the sand.

    steve faulk
    H2 Go
    ft. worth, texas

  5. Havent you heard of hydrogen embrittlement !!!!!
    why do you think no one uses water to run their autos!!

  6. Hydro Kevin

    Hydrogen embrittlement is a concern and an issue that needs to be dealt with but not a deal breaker. Here’s a link to a list of vehicles with internal combustion engines that run on hydrogen.

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