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Los Angeles Auto Show 2007 Features Hydrogen Cars

Yesterday, I was able to wade through traffic for two hours to make it to the media portion of the 2007 Los Angeles Auto Show. Thanks to those particularly on the Honda side (Timothy Cunningham and Chris Naughton) who illuminated me on their newest fuel cell vehicle. If interested, you can find a rather lengthy review of the Honda FCX Clarity that has too many details for posting in this blog.

As I had posted yesterday, the FCX Clarity will be leased to a few select customers in Southern California starting next summer. So, if you live near Torrance, Santa Monica or Irvine, California why not the Honda Fuel Cell team about your desire to lease of these hydrogen autos?

Also, making a showing of their hydrogen autos were GM and BMW. General Motors was showing off its Equinox Fuel Cell that is part of its Project Driveway program in which 100 people next year will help the company test out their vehicle. BMW was showing off their Hydrogen 7 internal combustion engine vehicle that they have been giving out to celebrities left and right this year from Brad Pitt to Will Ferrell to Jay Leno.

Many other alternative fuel vehicles also were on display including new hydrids, CNG and biofuel vehicles. What impressed me most was how green these auto shows have become. Sure the muscle autos are still there and the exotic are still very popular, but green has never been so “in” before. And, this has put a big old smile across my face.

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    November 17, 2007 I have seen the Honda Clarity commercial on TV. They show the auto driving down the road. But call the local dealer and what do you get… uh duh the what auto.. who makes that?? Oh Honda.. hold on let me check…. No we don’t know what that is. Come on people.
    We get the same response form Chevrolet who advertised the Hydrogen Sequel on TV.

  2. Avatar

    Another great response from a Honda Sales Rep. “The Honda Clarity?… Is that a motorcycle?”

    At least he has heard of Hydrogen, although he had to call it a fuel-cell. What is with the name fuel-cell anyway. Nobody wants to offend the Oil Barrons,or what? {Fuel – def. any material that releases energy when it is burned, which can be used as a source of heat or power.}
    Would it not be more accurate to say that it’s an electrochemical energy conversion device. It produces electricity from hydrogen (on the anode side) and oxidant (on the cathode side). Seems to me the unit is more similar to a Battery, Ok the units consume 2 reactants, which must be replenished, and Hydrogen is rapidly oxidizing, but I just think we can do better than Fuel Cell. How about “ECECD” “EC-motor” “Hydrogen Vehicle” Help me out folks.

    Oh the last thing the Sales Rep said. “You can see the Honda Clarity at the Auto-show”. What can I say, Car Sales people are way over-paid.

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