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German H2 Mobility Plan Outlined in Free Webinar

In September 2009, I had talked about the H2 Mobility Plan for Germany in which 8 major companies signed up with the intent of expanding hydrogen fueling stations in that country by 2015 to support commercial hydrogen auto rollouts. Last night I received an email that outlines a free webinar that outlines the H2 Mobility Plan.

Here are the contents of that email:

“In September of 2009 the German Ministry of Transport announced a Memorandum of Understanding with several leading auto manufacturers and energy industry partners — a plan to facilitate deployment of a nationwide hydrogen supply infrastructure and vehicle rollout for Germany. This builds on the success of technology demonstration programs co-funded by government and industry over the last few years. 

“National Organization Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Technology (NOW GmbH), Daimler AG, the National Hydrogen Association (NHA) and the Partnership for Advancing the Transition to Hydrogen (PATH) have organized a webinar to explore the details of this historic agreement.

“This webinar is provided at no cost thanks to the support of Daimler AG.

“It will be held on Wednesday, February 17th at 1 PM – 2.30 PM EST. 

“Featured speakers will be Dr. Klaus Bonhoff from NOW-GmbH and Ron Grasman, Manager, Fuel Cell Vehicles, Daimler AG. The Webinar will be moderated by Jerry Hinkle, Vice President of Policy and Government Affairs of the NHA. A question and answer session will follow. 

“We’re looking forward to your attendance. Please register in advance as spaces are limited.”

You can register for free by clicking this link. I’ve already signed up for this webinar, so why don’t we learn the details of this plan together?

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