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Pocahontas Lands Leading Role as Hydrogen Car Driver

The next generation of autos is meeting the next generation of drivers. This is according to Honda Motor Company as they have just leased their Honda FCX fuel cell vehicle to 17-year-old Q’orianka Kilcher, who starred as Pocahontas in the movie “The New World” with Colin Farrell. The hydrogen fuel cell vehicle will also be Ms. Kilcher’s first auto.

One will be able to catch Ms. Kilcher driving around Hollywood in the new FCX promoting environmental causes especially the benefits of driving zero emissions vehicles. Finding fuel will be as easy as gassing up at the hydrogen station in Santa Monica, LAX airport or a number of other stations in the Southern California region.

Two years ago, Honda had leased its first FCX vehicle to the Spallino family in Redondo Beach, California. The lease cost $500 per month for two years and only minor problems were experienced when driving the vehicle.

Ms. Kilcher kicks off a new world of driving and drivers by starring in a role bigger than anything Hollywood can offer her right now – Hydrogen Advocate. Unlike the movie, this clash of cultures between old and new, however is expected to have a happy ending. Also, expect to see Al Gore and Q’orianka Kilcher teaming up for an environmental movie deal in the near future. Hey, it could happen.

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