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Jay Leno Drives Hydrogen Car

On July 24, this year, I wrote a blog entry called “Tell Jay Leno to Get a Hydrogen Car“. Well, today the King of Late Night Comedy has one. Not that these two events are related, nor the fact that I asked you readers to email Jay and lobby him to get a vehicle.

But, whatever magic was at work, Jay Leno is now driving a BMW Hydrogen 7 and for one small speck in time the universe is aligned and life makes sense. Leno will keep the BMW Hydrogen 7 at his famed “Green Garage” in Burbank, California that is mostly powered by steam energy.

As a celebrity gearhead and environmentalist it just makes sense that Jay Leno should be driving a hydrogen auto. If one were to take a tour of Jay Leno’s Garage, one will probably find the Hydrogen 7 parked right next to the Ecojet, a biodiesel burning rocket-auto Jay helped General Motors design.

Jay Leno is the second celebrity to receive a BMW Hydrogen 7 to drive on a daily basis with Will Ferrell being the first in August of this year. Who’s next? My short list of celebrities who also need to be driving hydrogen autos include Al Gore, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Hanks, Harrison Ford, Daryl Hannah and Susan Sarandon.

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