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Cameron Diaz Drives BMW Hydrogen 7 to Academy Awards

CameronLast night at the Osautos there may have been no country for old men, a good amount of sacramental blood for Daniel Day Lewis, a special light where Juno was aglow and a bit of Ratatouille to be tasted in the after parties. But, there was another subplot offered at the Academy Awards that went underreported by the entertainment media.

Celebrated celebrity, film star and all around good girl, Cameron Diaz made a pro-environmental statement last night by showing up to Hollywood’s red autopet in a BMW Hydrogen 7 luxury automobile. There’s something about Cameron driving up in a zero emissions hydrogen auto that helped reinforce the notion among the Hollywood elite that green is the way to go.

Woe are last year’s B-List celebs in their passé Priuses or old school bicycles ala Ed Begley, Jr. Rather Ed Norton, Cameron Diaz, Jay Leno, Will Ferrell, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are the hipster A-List celebs who dare to make a statement that hydrogen is the future of environmental wholeness and responsibility.

So, for Cameron Diaz showing at the 80th annual Academy Awards in a BMW Hydrogen 7, I have to give her “Best Supporting Actress in an Environmental Role”. I just have to figure out how to get her that trophy without any kind of ugly stalking charges thrown my way.

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    Cameron Diaz a very known idol. She is stunning and very hot. Her face is beautiful and she has the best legs in Hollywood.

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    Honestly I’m not a fan of BMW Hydrogen 7. But if the person driving it is as pretty, hot and environmentalist just like Cameron Diaz definitely I would love to drive this auto.

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