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Bill Clinton Is High on Hydrogen

Ballard and Dynetek have both been courting Bill Clinton in regard to endorsing hydrogen products. This is understandable since the William J. Clinton Foundation is committed to fighting greenhouse gas emissions.

As part of the overall foundation, the Clinton Climate Initiative () formed in August 2006, has the mission of using best business practices to fight against global climate change and preserve the environment. The initiative primarily focuses upon helping large urban areas become green cities by leveraging high volume purchasing of green products.

Some of the green products that cities may purchase will help “decrease fuel consumption and pollution by vehicles.” This is where Ballard and Dynetek step in.

Ballard is one of Canada’s leading producers of fuel cells for vehicles. The fuel cell maker is hoping that Bill Clinton will be able to persuade many large cities to place orders for fuel cell buses and that this larger volume will drive down costs.

, on the other hand, also based in Canada manufactures compressed hydrogen storage cylinders. Dynetek has announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with the Clinton Climate Initiative to provide these storage cylinders to the cities with which the foundation is working.

Bill Clinton has high hopes for hydrogen and will undoubtedly influence many others to embrace the technology as well, one green city at a time.

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    I think President Clinton has a strong Foundation William J. Clinton Foundation .I hope he is really behind this for he is the best person to get us threw these times.He understands our Education needs for Hydrogen.Please this going to happen now he is involved.Let us get our Country back in order.It is ours.
    Why are we waiting USA.We still are doing more everyday on h2 not enough but everyday we are moving on forward.It is happening over the World.Just not in the U.S.

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