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Fuel Cell information is examined incluiding those powered by hydrogen.

Hydrail’s “Golden Spike” moment: Berlin, 2016

by guest blogger, Stan Thompson Hydrail is the term of art for electrifying railways wirelessly by storing electrical energy onboard as hydrogen and reconverting it, via fuel cells, as needed to power electric traction motors. In Berlin, Germany, around noon on September 20, 2016, hydrail had its moment in history, reminiscent of May …

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Hydrail commercializing: the 2015 Mooresville conference

by guest blogger Stan Thompson For ten years now, the Appalachian State University and Mooresville NC originators of the International Hydrail Conference series have predicted, explained and advocated hydrogen railway traction. Now, like a teenager suddenly outgrowing all her clothes, hydrail is coming of age—commercially and with a vengeance! This …

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Platinum Companies Don’t Want Kodak Moment for Fuel Cells

According to an article in Reuters, Platinum companies have been investing heavily in fuel cells for the past few years hoping that hydrogen fuel cell autos will take off, increasing demand for the rare metal. The companies are worried that gasoline and diesel hybrids and battery electric autos may thwart …

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