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Todd Norman Has Ideas to Save the Planet Including a Role for Hydrogen

Recently, I had the pleasure of communicating with Todd Norman, author of Ideas to Save the Planet. I put a few questions to him about the role of hydrogen. Here is the question and answer session:

HydroKevin (HK): What is your vision of a global conversion to a hydrogen economy especially concerning the building of an H2 transportation system?

Todd Norman (TN): My vision for global conversion to Hydrogen is similar to Roy McAlister’s. I’m advocating for his idea of converting existing autos to burn Hydrogen, because converted autos clean the pollution that is already in the air as you drive. I still like fuel cell autos, but I just agree that we should use what we have and not only stop polluting, but also clean up the old pollution. My ideas are for the current emission testing places to be converted to Hydrogen conversion centers, as well as for auto mechanics to be trained to convert autos, and for all trains, planes, and boats to be converted as well.

HK: How do you envision using hydrogen, solar and wind energy to complement one another to their full capacity?

TN: I see it as a triple back-up. If we all had Solar panels, Wind generators, a back-up Hydrogen fuel cell, and batteries in our homes, we would all be energy independent, energy abundant, and zero emission. If it’s not sunny, it’s usually windy, and it can be windy at night, and in the winter when it’s neither, you can use the fuel cell. We can generate our own Hydrogen with Solar, Wind, and Water and therefore the consistent Hydrogen fuel solves the inconsistency of Solar and Wind.

HK: What do you mean by Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars are the Real Deal Hybrids?

TN: Gasoline Hybrids still pollute. We need to stop being satisfied with Going Green and only “reducing emissions” and we have to go all the way and Go Clear, to 100-percent 0 emissions. As far as I know, Fuel Cell autos are electric autos with a Hydrogen fuel cell to supply electricity as you drive, and therefore they have a longer range. They are the Real Deal Hybrids because if you generated your own Hydrogen at home with Solar, Wind, and Water you could be saving thousands per year on fuel, travel further, and fully save the planet by being 100-percent zero emission and energy independent.

HK: Why would people be outraged if they were more educated about hydrogen?

TN: They would be outraged as I am if they knew that the fuel cell was 171 years old and getting Hydrogen from water with electricity is 206 years old. Because they would know that we wouldn’t have to have wars for Oil, or have Climate Change, or our children getting asthma from Coal emission, or pay high energy prices. They would know that all that is totally unnecessary, because every nation is near oceans of water and therefore everyone could have unlimited Hydrogen, and be developing and living well without polluting.

And if they had Solar, Wind and a Fuel Cell, and an electrolyzer they could be generating their own gas for their auto and heating, and never have to pay for electricity, heat, or auto fuel ever again, and thus save thousand per year. I am trying to convince people that living this way is the true defense of every nation to save the planet and it’s also the true defense of everyone’s budget. Also you would save more money generating your own auto fuel with your extra Solar and Wind, and Water off your rain gutter, than the small amount of money you get back from the power company for it. I think that people would be outraged because all that is not already happening, and could be happening, and they would act on that outrage, demand it, and start living this way.

HK: How can people use hydrogen now to make a difference?

TN: They can get their auto converted to burn Hydrogen or they can put in their order for a Fuel cell auto, then buy them, then drive them. They can demand Universal Hydrogen, Solar, and Wind from their Governments. They can educate themselves about it, make using it a priority, and then use it. It has taken the Green movement 40 years to become main stream, and we are still only changing light bulbs and using Coal and Oil slightly more efficiently. We can’t wait another 40 years to Go Clear. We have to do it now. Hydrogen is the solution to many of the world’s problems and is the most abundant energy source on this planet. We all have to open our minds to Hydrogen, Solar, and Wind, be given the means to access the abundant energy that is all around us, and then pick up those tools that are lying at our feet and use them.

Many thanks to Mr. Norman for his time and perspective on the role of hydrogen in saving the planet. Mr. Norman also gave me permission to publish his email address and he can be reached at: [email protected]

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    Why does he keep saying solar and wind in every sentence with hydrogen? Why can’t hydrogen stand alone? Solar is still not good enough to be even a small replacement and wind is far to unpredictable but hydrogen COULD actually be a total replacement. Is that outright statement being avoided for some political reason?

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