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The Big Buy Strategy for Minnesota Needs Your Input

In the past I’ve talked about Bruce Freeman’s Big Buy Strategy for Minnesota and how he wants to put hydrogen autos and fueling stations all over the North Star State. Now Bruce is asking for help from hydrogen auto advocates everywhere to flush out his plan, fill in needed details and participate in the project as well. Contact Bruce through his website at and let him know your ideas.

Here is an overview of the top 10 challenges of the Big Buy Strategy right now:

1. Picking refueling sites in the 87 counties of Minnesota will be paramount and will need some minimum conditions in which to operate.
2. Will the power source for the hydrogen stations be from the electrical grid or wind and solar power?
3. The source of hydrogen is presumed to be from the electrolysis of water. What companies right now are setup to build this kind of station?
4. Storage and dispensing including safety issues must be addressed upfront.
5. Hydrogen autos will need to be acquired by fleet managers. Will Ford, GM, Honda or another manufacturer be the vehicle of choice?
6. Hydrogen on demand aftermarket systems in addition to hydrogen autos may be another avenue to pursue.
7. Home hydrogen refueling units such as those being developed by GM and ITM Power need to have a role in this rollout.
8. Financing this project and how the government can help make this happen needs to be discussed.
9. Promoting the Big Buy Strategy through email, newsletter, blogs, Youtube videos, message board and other resources will need planning and strategy.
10. Start locally and act globally, as they say. If you live in Minnesota talk to your local officials, send in letters to the editor, etc. If you live outside of Minnesota, you can still do the same since MN will act as a model state for where you live as well.

Bruce has a rough draft of his proposal with far more details than I can provide here. Contact him if you’d like to participate and share ideas on how to make this project a reality.

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