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Hydrogen Highway Song from Elmers Youngest

Elmers YoungestEven though the hydrogen movement has been going on for decades and has picked up steam in recent months and years due to high gas prices, it has always been lacking one thing: a theme song.

Well, now those days are over as the Hydrogen Highway song by Elmers Youngest has been released. Hydrogen Highway is an engaging country rock song aimed at rallying people around the cause of energy independence and cleaner air.

Hydrogen Highway is the ninth track on the album, “Elmers Youngest: A Kid With A Cause,” a CD featuring other important social topics such as homelessness, AIDS and drug addiction love of God and country.

According to Elmers, “Due to the oil crisis in our country and the need for alternative fueling, I felt that hydrogen was the way to go. Maybe if people’s hearts are touched by this song, it might motivate many, to a new approach regarding our oil dependence.”

Youngest got his musical and lyric-writing start in life as a child in Washington DC and Garrett Park, autorying protest signs and helping out at soup kitchens. Playing the piano by 8-years-old and original songs on his guitar by age 17, Youngest has since followed up his dreams with action.

A portion of the proceeds from Hydrogen Highway and the , (a smooth Southern blend of country, rock and jazz), will go to charity. So, don’t be afraid to jump on that hydrogen highway, my friends. And, when you do so, pop the Elmers Youngest disc into your CD player for that drive to work or a long road trip.

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    Here’s the video for the song which is worth watching not just for the music but for the excellent animation as well.

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