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Hydrogen Car Photo Contest Offered by NHA and H2&You

Last week I talked about the California Fuel Cell Partnership T-shirt Slogan contest and the deadline is this coming Friday, August 28, 2009 so you’d better get cracking, or brainstorming as the case may be.

This week there is another contest for hydrogen lovers being offered by the National Hydrogen Association (NHA). This is from the NHA’s educational branch H2&You and the winner will receive a scale sized model Daimler F-cell which is pictured on their website.

You may submit photos of yourself or another person inside or next to a hydrogen auto. For inspiration you can check out the from the last H2&You photo contest. The winning entry is of a man sniffing the steam coming out the tailpipe of a fuel cell vehicle (this is similar to what Jack Nicholson and Jay Leno have done in the past).

Voting will end on September 30, 2009, so the sooner you get that photo in, the sooner you can start accumulating votes. There are already two entries posted on the website doing this right now.

So, if you have a picture of yourself, a friend or family member driving or next to a hydrogen auto, why not send it in and tell all your friends about it? It will be good publicity for hydrogen autos and you just may win a prize as well.

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