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Advocates Looking to Drive Hydrogen RV

Over the weekend, I received a letter from Rick and Rebecca from Kennesaw, Georgia. The letter was a bit unusual, first because I usually receive email and second because it was printed out with full-color photos depicting flowing water.

Rebecca starts of the letter saying that they are “sick of oil running the world’s economies” and that they are going to purchase a recreational vehicle to live in full-time.

Rebecca goes onto say, “We want to transform the diesel RV into a hydrogen fuel cell motorhome. As well, we will be pulling a vehicle behind it. We are looking for a hybrid SUV and want to convert it as well.” Rick and Rebecca plan on having their business logo and pro hydrogen graphics upon the side of the RV and travel the country promoting hydrogen technology.

Rebecca used to be an intern and advocate for Trees for Houston, a non-profit organization dedicated to planting trees and seedlings throughout the city, and spent her time traveling to elementary schools throughout the area advocating for the environment.

I mailed Rick and Rebecca a list of resources that I thought may help them make their venture and adventure a reality. Kudos to Rick and Rebecca as this is just the kind of gung ho spirit we need from the grassroots level get hydrogen technology before the eyes of the public.

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    If your RV is fuel cell, you don’t need to double up costs by installing one in a auto. Simply find a totally electric auto that can be recharged over night from the RV’s fuel cells. If you auto going to travel more than 100 miles in one day in the auto, you are probably going to move the RV anyway.

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