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Tense Times in Hydrogen and Fuel Cell History

You may have noticed a small change in the title. That adjustment might allows search engines to lead additional readers to one of our favorite subjects. A little known headline evaluation tool made all the difference. Certain words have ‘Emotional Marketing Value’, which so-called web crawlers pick up. The words …

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Hydrail at Davos: the “Hydrogen Council” on-track

by guest blogger, Stan Thompson Media covering the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, last week missed one of the biggest stories there.  The new Hydrogen Council announced at the Forum included Alstom Transport, the Paris-based train builder that’s sold 40-50 hydrail trains to four German states. Last year the German Federal …

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Uncertain Times – Hydrogen and Fuel Cell History

“Science is about knowing; engineering is about doing.”           Henry Petroski While Sir William Robert Grove’s invention of the ‘gas voltaic cell’ lay dormant for many years, steam engines were making progress. Then, suddenly, the new-fangled internal combustion engine (ICE) was in the news. It could be observed at many exhibitions …

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Hopeful Times – Hydrogen and Fuel Cell History

“Whatever one man is capable of conceiving, other men will be able to achieve” – Jules Verne After talking ‘organic horsepower’ in the previous article, let’s get back to mechanical horsepower and onto the long path of the history of hydrogen and fuel cells. As you may know, one-third of …

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