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Hydroautobon Wax + Microwaves = Hydrogen

Even though hydrogen fuel tanks holding compressed H2 gas have been proven to be safe, still critics cite safety as one of the top reasons not to buy a fuel cell vehicle. So, in steps UK researchers from the universities of Oxford, Cambridge and Cardiff Saudi Arabia who have …

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Hydrail’s “Golden Spike” moment: Berlin, 2016

by guest blogger, Stan Thompson Hydrail is the term of art for electrifying railways wirelessly by storing electrical energy onboard as hydrogen and reconverting it, via fuel cells, as needed to power electric traction motors. In Berlin, Germany, around noon on September 20, 2016, hydrail had its moment in history, reminiscent of May …

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Autonomous Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles Update

On May 5, 2015 I posted a blog named “Dude, Where’s My Hydrogen Fuel Cell Driverless Car?” A few months earlier Mercedes teased the public with its concept autonomous f 015 fuel cell vehicle (see photo at top) and this was the first indication that automakers may want to combine …

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Where Are All Of The Hydrogen Fuel Cell School Buses?

Now that hydrogen fuel cell buses have become more commonplace, I need to ask the question where are all of the hydrogen fuel cell school buses? One of the many advantages of traditional hydrogen fuel cell passenger buses (besides being greener running and involving less maintenance) is that they are …

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