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Platinum Companies Don’t Want Kodak Moment for Fuel Cells

According to an article in Reuters, Platinum companies have been investing heavily in fuel cells for the past few years hoping that hydrogen fuel cell autos will take off, increasing demand for the rare metal. The companies are worried that gasoline and diesel hybrids and battery electric autos may thwart …

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Top 5 Webpages Debunking the Hydrogen Car / Hindenburg Myth

The cause of the Hindenburg disaster was most likely a spark to the outer skin of the vessel. This has been well-publicized. Those critics and naysayers who continue to perpetuate the myth that the safety of hydrogen autos are akin to the Hindenburg are either fear-mongering or simply spreading ignorance. …

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Dude, Where’s My Hydrogen Fuel Cell Driverless Car?

It’s no secret that driverless autos have been making big news recently. Google, Apple and some of the major automakers have been dipping their toes in the development of autonomous vehicles as of late. But where are all of the hydrogen fuel cell self-driving autos? Sure, the Mercedes Benz F …

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