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Japan Says All Ministries Must Use Fuel Cell Vehicles

On Friday, 07/25/2014, in Japan, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga had stated that all official vehicles at the various ministries must be fuel cell vehicles. The government is also discussing subsidies to help promote the introduction of commercial fuel cell vehicles in that country. According to 4-Traders, “Toyota Motor Corp. …

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Boron Buckyballs for Holding Hydrogen Discovered at Brown

Carbon buckyballs (or fullerenes) were discovered several years ago and hold the promise of hydrogen storage. Now, recently researchers at Brown University have discovered boron buckyballs or as they call them borospherenes that may hold hydrogen atoms as well. According to Brown, “The discovery of buckyballs – soccer-ball-shaped molecules of …

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Hyundai Fuel Cell Vehicle Travels 435 Miles on One Tank

According to Hyundai they have set a record for the driving range for mass-produced fuel cell vehicles. Recently a Hyundai ix35 FCEV traveled 700 kilometers (435 miles) on one tank of hydrogen through three countries in northern Europe. According to, “”The ix35 Fuel Cell, claimed to be the world’s …

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Japan Establishes Hydrogen Fuel Cell Strategy Roadmap

Even though California is often thought of as Ground Zero for hydrogen auto technology and refueling infrastructure, Japan also has been quite pro-active in this field as well. And hence the Japanese have established a Hydrogen / Fuel Cell Strategy Roadmap in order to address the technical challenges going forward …

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Plug Power Placing FCVs at Airports

Plug Power, known for selling fuel cell materials handling units, is now placing their FCVs at airports. The fuel cell vehicles (pictured above) will be a part of a demo project for ground support equipment (GSE) vehicles used to autory luggage and autogo. According to Plug Power, “This demo is …

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