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Toyota Says Hydrogen Tanks Are Bulletproof

Bob Carter, Toyota’s Senior Vice President for Automotive Operations, stated in a recent speech to the Automotive News World Congress that hydrogen tanks are bulletproof when it comes to small caliber weapons. And the tanks are even safe when it comes to larger caliber bullets. According to Carter, “They’re safe. …

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Toyota Takes on Naysayers at Tesla, Nissan and VW

While Elon Musk, Carlos Ghosn and Jonathan Browning are flapping their gums about how fuel cell vehicles are doomed, Toyota has been taking them to task. For instance Toyota’s Bob Carter, senior vice-president for automotive operations, says he believes his company’s hydrogen fuel cell vehicle could be the next Prius. …

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China: Choosing hydrail?

by Guest Blogger Stan Thompson A version of this post originally appeared January 12, 2014, in my Mooresville [NC] Tribune newspaper column. Last month, when China’s Jade Rabbit lunar explorer touched down on the moon, it may have given the world a hint about that country’s railroad vision. As the pundits observed, …

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Interview with Michel Alarcon of IGES Canada

During the Holidays I was able to catch up with Michel Alarcon, Managing Director of IGES Canada to talk about his company’s hydrogen-on-demand technology. Here is the interview: HydroKevin: Michel, tell me briefly about your company, please. Michel Alarcon: We are an affiliate of IGES Holdings LLC, an international company …

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FedEx Adds Fuel Cells to Electric Delivery Trucks

FedEx, along with Smith Electric and Plug Power are adding fuel cell range extenders to 20 battery-electric delivery trucks for real world testing. FedEx is doing so with the aid of a $3 million federal grant. According to, “The hydrogen fuel cell range extenders will about double the driving …

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