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Unique Catalysts Create Hydrogen from Water or Ethanol

There are separate stories surfacing now about two different methods to create hydrogen: one using water and the other using ethanol as a feedstock. Scientists at Penn State University have discovered that nickel and phosphorus nanoparticles (pictured above) will catalyze water into hydrogen as efficiently as any non-platinum materials now …

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Bahrain’s First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Developed

Bahrain is a tiny island-country off the Northeast coast of Saudi Arabia, a few miles Northwest of Qatar. And yet Bahrain has done something very uncommon in the Middle East and that is build a hydrogen fuel cell auto. Students at the Bahrain University have developed a hydrogen vehicle which …

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Halogenated Graphene Nanoplatelets for Platinum-Free Fuel Cells

Yesterday I had talked about nitrogen doped autobon nanotubes for fuel cells which is a platinum-free invention created by the researchers at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Today I would like to talk about how researchers in Korea, at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), invented edge-halogenated …

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