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27 Hydrogen Stations Opened in 2012

Twenty-seven hydrogen fueling stations opened worldwide in the year 2012. This, according to who tracks the openings and closings of hydrogen fueling stations all over the earth. The addition of 27 new stations brings the total to 208 H2 fueling stations worldwide. Eighty stations are in Europe, 76 in …

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Toyota’s Mr. Hydrogen Talks 2015

Formerly known by other Toyota employees as “Mr. Hybrid Synergy Drive”, Katsuhiko Hirose has now been given another tag, “Mr. Hydrogen.” Mr. Hirose is in charge of the hydrogen auto program for Toyota and was the key player in the Japanese automaker joining the London Hydrogen Partnership (LHP). The LHP …

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Silver Bullet for Hydrogen Production May Be TiO2

The silver bullet in hydrogen production may actually be made out of titanium dioxide. At least this is what Associate Professor Darren Sun at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is saying. Under the category of the “Best Thing Since Sliced Bread and Ginsu Knives” Professor Sun has invented the Multi-use Titanium …

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Dr. Cliff Ricketts Finishes Another Hydrogen Road Trip

I’ve mentioned Dr. Cliff Ricketts several times in this blog starting in 2007. The last time I mentioned the professor and hydrogen auto advocate was in 2012, when he took some of his Middle Tennessee State University students on a hydrogen-fueled road trip from Savannah, GA to Long Beach, CA. …

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BMW Bullish on Fuel Cell Material Handling Units

Anybody who has read this blog for a while knows that I like talking about hydrogen fuel cell forklifts and other hydrogen-powered materials handling units. At a time when hydrogen autos have not been fully commercialized, the H2 fuel cell material handling units have been fully commercialized. And taking the …

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H2USA Signals about Face for Obama on Hydrogen Cars

I’ve talked many times about the Obama White House’s less than enthusiastic stance on hydrogen autos, putting money behind battery electric vehicles instead. And I’ve even talked in recent months how the President is warming up and evolving on the idea of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles as a long range, …

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Hyundai Mobis Creating Tucson ix35 FCEV Parts

Last week I talked about Hyundai rolling its first ix35 FCEV off the assembly line in Ulsan, Korea. The fuel cell vehicle that rolled off was one of 17 fleet vehicles slated for shipment to the City of Copenhagen, Denmark or Skåne, Sweden. Now, that the first few ix35 FCEV’s …

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