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Microfluidic Fuel Cell Alternative to PEM

Researchers at Cornell University have been doing some outside the box thinking in regard to fuel cells. They have basically thrown away the expensive Nafion Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) that defines most of today’s hydrogen fuel cells used in autos. According to, “Usually, fuel cells produce electricity from hydrogen …

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Alabama to Get Hydrogen Bus and Fueling Station

The Deep South isn’t known for being socially or technically progressive. Up until now Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana have yet to have a hydrogen auto or bus driving around their states. Now, Alabama has decided to cast off the past a bit and step into the future by bringing …

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Time for Swatch to Sell Hydrogen Cars

Well, it’s about time that Swiss company Swatch, known for their oversized and colorful watches, has decided to sell hydrogen fuel cell autos. A few years ago Swatch teamed up with Daimler AG corporation to come out with a wacky version of the Smart Car. This time, however Swatch has …

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