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Toyota and eBay Turning to Stationary Fuel Cells

There is another industry passing up fuel cell autos in regard to commercialization right now. And that industry is large stationary fuel cells to supply main or backup power. Ballard and Bloom Energy are two of the big players selling large stationary fuel cells to corporations such as Toyota and …

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Liquid Hydrogen Spy Drone Takes to the Air

The Boeing Phantom Eye is a large liquid hydrogen powered spy drone that took flight recently in California taking off and landing at Edwards Air Force Base near Bakersfield. The Phantom Eye has a wingspan larger than a 757 jetliner and can stay aloft for 4 days before refueling. The …

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GreenGT H2 Debuts in Le Mans

The GreenGT H2 racer is a fuel cell driver race auto that will make its debut in the upcoming 24 Hours of Le Mans. The GreenGT H2 racer won’t actually be in this race but rather on display. Its first race on the track will be a little later this …

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