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Linde and TOTAL Refueling Cars with Green Hydrogen

Both Linde and TOTAL have taken a step in reducing the world’s autobon footprint by supplying green hydrogen to fuel cell vehicles in Germany this past week. Both companies are producing hydrogen from clean and renewable resources. According to Linde, “The hydrogen generated from biodiesel by-products at the company’s pilot …

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UConn Professor Develops Low Cost Fuel Cell Process

University of Connecticut (UConn) professor Radenka Maric has developed a low cost method of creating fuel cell membranes. The new technique will reduce the high cost of platinum in fuel cells by 10 times. According to UConn, “…one of the primary drawbacks to the widespread use of the cells is …

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Microfluidic Fuel Cell Alternative to PEM

Researchers at Cornell University have been doing some outside the box thinking in regard to fuel cells. They have basically thrown away the expensive Nafion Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) that defines most of today’s hydrogen fuel cells used in autos. According to, “Usually, fuel cells produce electricity from hydrogen …

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