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Practicality of Hydrogen?

Guest blogger, Arnold R. Miller, PhD As president of a company that develops large prototype fuelcell vehicles, such as a 130 t railway locomotive that exclusively utilizes hydrogen as fuel, I’m often asked about the practicality of hydrogen. Many people believe that, because more energy is required to produce hydrogen …

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Hydrail: A Tale of Two Metals

by guest blogger Stan Thompson When the history of railway evolution in the first half of the twenty-first century is written, it may largely be a tale of two metals and their respective economics. Copper and hydrogen are both essential to the long-term economical delivery of electric power: copper to …

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Hydrogen Power Sneaking Up on the Public

Sometimes when I read the news, I get a “not in my neighborhood” feeling when it comes to hydrogen development. I’m chomping at the bit for hydrogen technology to become normalized to the point where I can have casual discussions about it with my neighbors as I would any other …

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Big Rig Carrying Hydrogen Catches Fire No Explosion

Here’s another story for all the naysayers, doomsdayers, end-of-worlders and Armageddon-ites when it comes to hydrogen. There was a big rig truck in Texas autorying compressed hydrogen gas that caught fire and partly burned. I say partly because the video shows the back end of the truck burned but not …

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Hydrogen Nanogenerator Developed Using Nanogels

University of Tokyo researchers have developed photosensitive nanogels that are made into hydrogen nanogenerators. Researcher Kosuke Okeyoshi explains, “We have designed photoinduced hydrogen nanogenerators and fabricated them by a novel nanointegration method that uses nanogel as sensitizer and nanoparticles as catalyst. The nanogels involve a photoinduced electronic transmission circuit to …

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Obama Says Hydrogen Not Clean Energy

Once again President Obama is proposing to cut the hydrogen budget from the DOE (Department of Energy). Apparently our President does think hydrogen has anything to do with clean energy since he is also proposing increasing spending on clean energy programs to $8 billion. The hydrogen funding cuts that Obama …

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