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H2Moves Scandinavia to Rollout 2 Fiat Alfa Romeo MiTo FCVs

The Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Partnership (SHHP) along with the European Lighthouse Project (LHP), has created H2moves Scandinavia (part of H2moves Europe) which will be rolling out 10 Daimler Mercedes-Benz B-class F-CELL autos two Fiat Alfa Romeo MiTo fuel cell vehicles (a first for this company). The vehicles will serve …

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Hydrogen Powered Truck for Sale

Now, how often have you seen a classified ad that says, “Hydrogen Powered Truck for Sale”? My guess would be never. But, that is exactly what this is. Over the weekend, I received an email from Dan Greenberg  and he says he is selling a hydrogen powered truck. Dan Greenberg, …

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To the Moon Alice with Hydrogen Power

A few weeks ago I talked about how a company called Hydrogenics was double dipping by building both hydrogen fuel cells for autos and hydrogen fueling stations (using electrolyzers). It seems that this company has their hands inside anything to do with hydrogen. A week ago Hydrogenics announced that it …

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Hydrogen Hi Speed Rail Super Highway H2RSH Begins in West Java

I’ve talked several times in the past about hyrail (or the Hydrogen Hi-Speed Rail Super Highway “H2RSH” as some are now calling it) by Interstate Traveler. In my past conversations with hyrail’s creator Justin Sutton, he indicated that the first hydrogen high-speed rail system may actually begin somewhere in Indonesia, …

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