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Ronn Motors H2GO Still a Go

I’ve talked about Ronn Motors many times in the past including their Eco Scorpion super auto and their H2GO hydrogen boosting system. I’ve also talked about how the H2GO system, if it works as billed, could be a game changer in the automotive industry. Ronn Motors and East Texas truck …

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Iran Catching Up in Hydrogen Production

George W. Bush called Iran an “Axis of Evil”. And there is no doubt U. S relations with that country have been strained at best especially after the most recent questionable election. But, one of the positive qualities of researchers and scientists working within a global economy is that politics …

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US Fuel Cell Council Robert Rose Interview and Video

EETV conducted an OnPoint interview with Robert Rose, Executive Director of the US Fuel Cell Council (USFCC) concerning Congress reinstating the budget cuts to hydrogen autos and fuel cell research from the Department of Energy (DOE) budget earlier this year. Mr. Rose comments on Energy Secretary Steven Chu’s assertion that …

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Sub-Nano Platinum Particles Power Fuel Cells

I’ve talked before about how we need to reduce the amount of platinum used in fuel cells in order to bring down the price and make them more cost effective. I’ve also talked about researchers working on platinum-free fuel cells, especially if they can retain the power and longevity of …

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