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2007 Frankfurt International Motor Show Goes Green

The 2007 Frankfurt International Motor Show has gone green for sure. Unveiling 19 alternative fuel vehicles from the different auto manufacturers, this year’s theme is “See What’s Driving the Future”. One of the most notable vehicles driving the future is the Hyundai I-Blue fuel cell crossover that boasts a 360-mile …

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Mercedes F-Cell B-Class in Production in 2010

DaimlerChrysler has been feeling the heat from BMW who is now rolling out 100 production hydrogen autos to customers worldwide. By 2010, DaimlerChrysler intends to go into limited serial production of its Mercedes F-Cell B-Class fuel cell automobile. The announcement was made this week at the Frankfurt International Motor Show …

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Burning Seawater Produces Hydrogen

Since this is September 11, a national day of remembrance, I would like to acknowledge those who fell six years ago and the families who have suffered since. The events of that day brought on a war and turned this nation’s focus from positive growth to the negativity of vengeance …

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Hyundai I-Blue Hydrogen Crossover Comes to Frankfurt

The Hyundai I-Blue hydrogen fuel cell crossover utility vehicle (CUV) is coming to the 2007 Frankfurt International Motor Show on September 13. The third-generation fuel cell for the Hyundai I-Blue was developed at Mabuk, Korea at the Eco-Technology Research Institute. The rest of the vehicle was developed at Chiba, Japan …

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Huffington Post on Hydrogen

I didn’t go to the Huffington Post directly. I found this particular blog post through the search engines while looking for stories on hydrogen. The post is called, “What Happened to Hydrogen?” and was written by Andrew J. Nusca. Like many, Mr. Nusca says he hadn’t heard much about hydrogen …

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Hydrogen Work Vehicles Get the Job Done

They may not be as sexy as hydrogen autos parading down the road from one green event to the next with photo ops with congressmen and governors, but some less glamorous hydrogen vehicles are also starting to grab the public’s attention. For instance, lawnmower-maker Toro has paraded out its hydrogen-powered …

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