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Quantum Develops Ford Escape Hydrogen Hybrids for Army

Quantum Fuel Systems of Irvine, California has received an order from the U. S. Army to convert six Ford Escape Hybrids into hydrogen-powered vehicles. This comes after the successful completion of an earlier conversion of a Ford Escape Hybrid for the Army’s TARDEC (Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center), …

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Hydrogen Planes No Plain Janes

There are two recent happenings concerning hydrogen planes, both of which are pretty exciting. First, the European Union is studying the development of a hypersonic hydrogen airplane that will be able to fly at speeds between Mach 4 to Mach 8, autory 300-passengers and fly at subsonic speeds when needed. …

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Suzuki Crosscage Fuel Cell Motorcycle

The Suzuki Crosscage hydrogen fuel cell motorcycle concept is making its debut at this week’s Tokyo Motor Show. The fuel cell for the Suzuki Crosscage was designed by Intelligent Energy and features its patented air-cooled system. The Suzuki Crosscage also uses lithium-ion batteries to provide added oomph and speed. The …

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Fuel Cell Microcab Presented in London

The hydrogen fuel cell powered Microcab was recently presented at the 10th Grove Fuel Cell Symposium in London. But, besides just being a prototype for demonstration purposes, Microcab has much loftier ambitions. The British government has already laid down the cash for five fuel cell Microcabs that will autory passengers …

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Filler Up with Fullerenes

A new study in nanotechnology gives hope to solving the hydrogen storage problem. The safety concerns of storing hydrogen under high pressures is well documented, so many scientists have been working on storing the gas under low pressure methods. So far, chemical storage and storage with metal hydrides offers hope …

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Jay Leno Hydrogen Car Video

A month ago, I had talked about Jay Leno driving a hydrogen auto and a couple days ago a reader of this blog sent me a link to a video of Jay talking about the BMW Hydrogen 7 that he’s been driving. The video is about 11 1/2 minutes long …

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Three Types of People Want to See Hydrogen Cars Fail

There are basically three types of people who want to see hydrogen autos fail: those who are afraid of change, those with alternative technological agendas and those interested in maintaining the status quo. The people who are afraid of change have been around since the first caveman clubbed the one …

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Greg Blencoe Debates Joseph Romm

Glen Blencoe, the CEO of Hydrogen Discoveries, Incorporated has once again taken Joseph Romm to task about the timeframe for hydrogen development. Three weeks ago, Mr. Blencoe had talked about the six myths about hydrogen perpetuated by Joseph Romm and this recent debate is an offspring from this discussion. Mr. …

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Al Gore and Gerhardt Ertl Win Nobel Prizes

Unless you live under a rock, in a cave or just flew in from deep space, you’ve already heard that Al Gore has won the Nobel Peace Prize. And, earlier this year Mr. Gore won an Academy Award for his documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”. It looks like Nobel Prizes are …

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