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Quantum Converting Cars for HyNor Project

I would like to follow up to a blog posting from yesterday about converting autos to run on hydrogen where I had mentioned Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Incorporated as one of the leading companies in the field. After writing the blog post, I was able to catch up with …

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Converting Cars to Run on Hydrogen

With all the publicity about hydrogen fuel cell vehicles that has been bandied about in the media, what is often lost in the shuffle is that automobiles with internal combustion engines (ICE) can also be converted to run on hydrogen. A couple of businesses have been quietly converting autos and …

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Alternative Energy News Provides Solutions

I’ll be the first to admit that hydrogen power is not the only answer towards getting off the fossil fuel merry go round. Inefficiencies in coal-fired power plants need to be improved and alternative fuel and renewable energy resources need to be developed. Toward this end, the Alternative Energy News …

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Solar Hydrogen Reactor Heats Up in Greece

Greek Scientists have won the European Commission’s Desautotes award for research this year after developing the Hydrosol solar-hydrogen reactor. Researchers from the Center for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH) and the Laboratory of Aerosol and Particle Technology (LAPT) discovered a novel way to produce hydrogen from sunlight and steam. The …

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