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Hydrail Hydrogen Train Conference Is Rescheduled For U. S.

The first announcement for the Third International Hydrail Conference stated that it would be held in Bergamo, Italy on June 25 – 26, 2007. The world’s first and only hydrogen train conference has now been updated and rescheduled to being held in Salisbury, North Carolina on August 13 – 14, …

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Cost of Hydrogen Gas Less Than Gasoline

One of the critics’ biggest arguments against moving to a hydrogen economy and hydrogen transportation system has been that the price of hydrogen gas is too high relative to gasoline. Last month, I blogged about a new hydrogen fueling station that had opened up near Chicago, Illinois that was charging …

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Hydrogen Buses Keep Rolling Out

It seems like now that hydrogen buses have started rolling out, you just can’t stop them. From Scottsdale to Chattanooga, Florida to California, South Korea to the Northern U. S. states, hydrogen buses keep hitting the pavement in record numbers. Orlando International Airport and the convention center have received a …

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Hydrogen On Demand May Be At Your Command

Hydrogen on demand is not a new topic. Yesterday, I blogged about how Drano or a similar caustic substance may one day be used with water and aluminum to produce a hydrogen on demand reaction to power vehicles. Companies like those mentioned in that blog Hydrogen Power Incorporated, Ecotality, …

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