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The Biggest Threat to Hydrogen Cars AND Electric Cars

The biggest threat to hydrogen autos and all electric autos is not each other as many would have you believe. The biggest threat to both hydrogen autos AND all electric autos are plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV). If PHEVs are available within the next 3 years as Toyota and GM …

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Christmas Tree Lights Up Sacramento

I talked about a similar story last year, but it’s worth repeating since the event itself is repeating. Once again, California’s state Christmas tree at the Capitol building in Sacramento is being powered by hydrogen fuel cell. The fuel cell is provided by Altergy Systems of Folsom, California. What is …

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H-Prize Act of 2007 Passes House, Now to White House

Illinois Democratic Representative Dan Lipinski and South Carolina Republican Bob Inglis have heralded through the House of Representatives the historic H-Prize Act of 2007 (H.R. 632). The H-Prize Act is part of the overall Energy Independence and Security Act that is expected to be signed by the White House before …

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Canadian IWHUP Captures Waste Hydrogen for Cars

Two chemical companies in North Vancouver have been wasting enough hydrogen to fuel 20,000 autos. The Canadian IWHUP (Integrated Waste Hydrogen Utilization Project) seeks to correct this problem. The Hydrogen Technology & Energy Corporation (HTEC) will be capturing the waste hydrogen from companies Erco and Nexen, cleaning and compressing it …

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Exxon Creating Alternatives to Oil?

What is happening now? Has the world gone completely mad? Recently, it looks like the Big Oil companies are creating technology to help consumers use less oil. What up with this? Shell Oil has announced that they will be using Hawaiian algae to create biodiesel fuel. And, Exxon has announced …

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